Corpora and Representativeness
3-4 May 2018 Nanterre (France)

Invited speakers

This year, we are very pleased to have two invited speakers with us:

  • Dawn Knight, School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff University

Presentation title: Representativeness in CorCenCC: corpus design in minoritised languages





  • Thomas Egan, Professor Emeritus, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences 


“Some perils and pitfalls of non-representativeness”

After some general introductory remarks on representativeness, I revisit in this paper some of the arena where I myself have encountered problems in connection with instances of non-representativeness, illustrating the discussion with examples from corpora both small and large, both historical and contemporary, and both mono-linguistic and contrastive. I discuss some text types that compilers of general corpora would do wise to steer clear of, before going on to describe some less immediately obvious phenomena that lie in wait to mislead the unwary researcher.



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